Vyoma Metals almost eleven years of tireless efforts to earn customer loyalty is now a flag ship company across the globe. The name  VYOMA METALS is today practically a synonym for quality product on time every time at affordable prices. Our plant provides a wide variety of Extruded & Drawn & Continuous Cast products in different sizes, shapes and alloys, Bronzes, Brasses & RWMA Welding Wheels. Manufactured using state of the art equipment and operated by highly skilled and experienced technicians our material is stringently tested for compliance with all international standards. The proof of our claim is based not only on the fact that the quality complaints are for less than 1% of our total sales but also is proven by the repeat order s that we receive from our satisfied customers. The preamble of our work philosophy is very simple. A satisfied customer who will think of VYOMA first whenever he is in market for special copper alloys. We do everything possible with today’s technology and techniques developed over years of work experience to provide customer with defect free meterials at competitive prices on time every time. 

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